Organic Link 10Kg

Organic Link is the proven General Purpose Fertiliser thats safe to use on all Plants,Roses, Lawns, Turf, and Natives. BFA Registered
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BENEFITS Easy Application For Plants, Vegies, Palms Seedlings, Natives, Lawns, Roses , Orchids, virtually……all Plants Rich Green Leaf Appearance Will Not Burn Slow Release – Lasts for Months Great For Lawns. Indoors – Outdoors Soil, Plant and Microbe Friendly Use in conjunction with Triple Boost liquid fertiliser for enormous soil and plant nutrition CONTAINS:- • Blood and Bone • Lime, Gypsum and Dolomite • Natural Potash • Natural Humates and Carbon • Natural Water Retainers • Trace Elements • Silica • Neem Cake • Natural Rock Dust Minerals & Zeolite. NOW Organic Link has been further improved by the addition of beneficial MICROBES including genera from the Mycorrhiza & Trichoderma species. These, all important, beneficial microbes have a symbiotic relationship with plants and soil where they help build soil fertility and assist with supplying of nutrients to their host plants. They also may assist in helping protect plants & roots from pathogens, pests and assist with healthy root growth. 

APPLICATION RATES:- 1 – 2 Handfuls per Square Metre every 3 Months. (Once per Season) For best results make contact with existing soil 120mm Pots 1 tablespoon 150mm Pots 2 tablespoons LAWNS:- 200 grms (2 Handfuls) per square metre 4 times per year. VEGIES :- 200 grms (2 Handfuls) per square meter 4 – 6 weeks prior to plant. Water in to activate.

Check out this short Video on how to grow vegies and discover why Organic Link & Triple Boost is great for you whole garden. Duration 6 mins



Organic Link 10Kg

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